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"To those who attack the Church of Christ by teaching that Christ's Church is divided into so-called "branches" which differ in doctrine and way of life, or that the Church does not exist visibly, but will be formed in the future when all "branches" or sects or denominations, and even religions will be united into one body; and who do not distinguish the Priesthood and Mysteries of the Church from those of the heretics, but say that the baptism and Eucharist of heretics is effectual for salvation; therefore, to those who knowingly have communion with these aforementioned heretics or who advocate, disseminate, or defend their heresy of ecumenism under the pretext of brotherly love or the supposed unification of separated Christians, Anathema!" - ROCOR 1983

This is the official website and authoritative voice of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX AUTONOMOUS CHURCH OF AMERICA (ROAC). No other English language based website (other than the sites linked herein) claiming to speak for His Eminence, Metropolitan Theodore of Suzdal and Vladimir, or any of the individual Hierarchs of the Holy Synod of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX AUTONOMOUS CHURCH (ROAC), should be considered as genuine or valid.

Statement about "Metropolitan" Agafangel Pashkovsky

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

For more than twelve years, our Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in Russia has been the subject of many cruel persecutions. Our clergy and laity are insulted, humiliated and beaten by their own government. We are the targets of a vicious slander campaign; we are called child molesters, sodomites, sectarians and heretics. These accusations are all lies!

The Russian authorities have confiscated almost all our churches. Now, they are trying to take away our sacred treasures – the holy relics of Sts. Euphemios and Euphrosynia. They make no secret of their plan to utterly destroy our Church as an entity.

And for what reason are these persecutions raised against us? For the simple reason that we believe in God and worship Him alone; we do not worship “mother Russia,” her president, nor her corrupt officials; we seek the salvation of our souls in the heavenly abodes of the Lord, and are indifferent to the riches of this world, to its mansions and palaces, to its Mercedes Benz automobiles and $40,000 Swiss watches. We decry
the hypocrisy, lies, immorality, simony, malevolence, and other abominations of the Moscow Patriarchate, that subservient lackey of the atheists ruling from the Kremlin. We strive to live in accordance with the commandments of the LORD, laboring, avoiding sin, and praying, as commanded us by the Savior.

Like you, brothers and sisters, we confess the Lord Jesus Christ. Like you, we reject the temptations of this world; we love our God, and His Church, the only path to salvation.

But does the devil sleep? No, he does not! He is awake and attempts with all his might to steal away and destroy the souls of Orthodox Christians. To this end he uses many disguises. Recently, he has even taken up his abode in a bishop of the church, or rather, one who has taken on the guise of a bishop.

We are talking here about Agafangel Pashkovsky, or as he is known in the world, Mikhail Ivanovich Pashkovsky. This man lied when he became a monk. He continued to lie after becoming a bishop. In the past, he betrayed his legitimate hierarchy, and then hypocritically and insincerely “repented.” But soon enough, he again lied to the people and to God, and yet again betrayed the Church.

In 2007, at the instigation of the unclean spirits, he founded his "church," through nothing less than being required by the devil himself to enter into heresy. And Agafangel Pashkovsky complied. His heresy is Cyprianism, crypto-ecumenism, the heresy of heresies, which he began to confess in his "Russian Orthodox Church Abroad."

Much dishonor, anger, greed, strife, pride, deceit and slander have been introduced into the lives of those who have entrusted their souls to Agafangel. And it could not be any other way, for what begins in heresy, ends with spiritual ruination. And so it was natural for Agafangel Pashkovsky, proceeding from a heart crippled in this way, and in the depths of corruption himself, to turn to slander.

Just as Putin’s government once slandered Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov), so now Pashkovsky continues this rotten tradition by slandering and spreading defamatory information against Archbishop Andrew (Maklakov). The devil himself has put into the mouth of Pashkovsky the dirty lies concerning the so-called “facts of the immoral lifestyle” and “depravity” of Vladyka Andrei. To give his lies credence, Pashkovsky has announced that Archbishop Andrew supposedly “raped a little girl eight years ago.” It is a monstrous lie, which only Pashkovsky and those perverted to the same degree as he is are capable of expressing.

What does it profit Pashkovsky and his handlers in the offices of Lubyanka? To smear such a bright, clean, hard-working worker in the Lord’s vineyard as Vladyka Andrei? Could it be their aim to sew doubt in the minds of Orthodox people to the effect that if Archbishop Andrew could be involved in any thing like this, then there is no point for anyone to go to church at all? Or maybe to weaken faith in our much-suffering fatherland, for which we pray day and night, as well as in the Russian diaspora throughout the whole world, and to foster hostility against the Church? Maybe they want Orthodoxy to die out completely and that hundreds of thousands of True Orthodox Christians should lose their salvation? What a diabolical plan! What kind of ungodly and abominable man would take part in fulfilling such a plan?!?

Brothers and sisters in Christ! Cast out from among yourselves this unclean, false and blasphemous false shepherd, Agafangel Pashkovsky. Flee from the smut of this accuser and heretic. Support the Church of Christ, persecuted by the forces of the ungodly. Come unto Her, protect Her from the instigation of the devil; from his malice, deceit and slander. Stand with us in prayerful reverence. Remain loyal to Christ our God!