A group of 13 Jordanville monastics have forwarded the following letter to Metropolitan Laurus:

"We witness, with great sorrow and frustration, that as the rapprochement with the MP progresses, our ROCOR is disintegrating more and more, both externally and internally. We observe with a sad feeling, that many staunch believers of our Church make a decision to no longer be with us. We regret to see the bitter fruits of the unification process: strife, contention at court, dissent, general perplexity; tragic destinies of some believers; loss of trust in our arch pastors; disillusionment often bordering on despair; self-willed behavior of certain bishops not aligned with truth and canons; obvious deviation from the traditional patristic path of ROCOR; heading for unification in spite of the fact that many questions of Sergianism and ecumenism have yet to be dealt with in the light of the pure patristic teaching of the Church. Globalization gains momentum, a tendency for unification of all nations and religions is all too apparent. Holy Fathers warned us of this time, and interpreted it as an unleashed preparation for the coming of the anti-Christ. Participating in this are all those who are members of the God-fighting WCC, who supports the unification movement of world's religions, termed ecumenism. In light of this understanding, we experience deep anxiety when we are told about the forthcoming union of our Church with such as are obviously not prepared to follow her patristic course, are not conscious of the dangers of the apostate ecumenist movement, nor do they readily resist it. If we unite with MP, we will be one with it in all things, including the heresy of heresies - ecumenism, and the ecclesiology-distorting Sergianism; hence we will be betraying our Church. Such resistance is the corner-stone of the faith of the Holy Fathers, the faith that prompted a mother, in times of old, to bless her children to accept a martyric death. We are wary of the fact, that unless those crucial problems find their rightful solution, in the spirit of churchly humility and repentance, it may so happen that in the future we will not be able to "endure to the end" (Mt. 10.22). When we are faced with the final decision, who are we with? We may find ourselves lacking the resoluteness and steadfastness, while the deadly spirit of apostasy would prevail. This is exactly why we are so worried and are asking ourselves, can such be the fruits of the Holy Spirit? We have always believed the admonition of our arch pastors that there can be no unity except in the Truth, and we wish to be loyal to these words unto the end. These days, however, many believers have been scandalized by the open disloyalty of many bishops."

Signed by eight (8) monastics, including one archimandrite and three priestmonks, of the Holy Trinity Monastery, as well as by all the 5 sisters of the St. Elizabeth nunnery in Jordanville.

NOTE: Metropolitan Laurus has not responded to this address and forbade its publication.