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No. 16/72         01-08-2006

To The President of the Russian Federation, Putin, V.V.

Most Highly Esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich!

In violation of the prohibition of the Holy Patriarch, and of the memorial society "Primirenie", monuments to the White leaders and to the Cossack Atamans, bearing the names of the accomplices of the Fascists have been erected without authorization on the territory of the Patriarchate's metochion of All Saints at Sokol [in Moscow] by the followers of the heresiarch of the Diaspora, Lavr, and his false pastors.


No contacts whatsoever are permitted with the schismatic collaborationist Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which has not repented publicly before us for the great sin of blessing the stooge of the Fascists by her heresiarch and collaborator of Hitler, Anastasy.

We confirm the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate which excommunicated from our Church the false Metropolitan Anastasy and the schismatics of the ROCA during the years of the holy war [WWII] of the Soviet people under the leadership of our great Orthodox leader, Joseph Stalin, against the fascist enslavers. This verdict against the criminal was pronounced by the State Court. [Emphasis in original.]

No assembly whatsoever, much less one of the political character, or pannikhidas for the followers of Vlasov or the Cossacks, who entered into the service of Hitler, can be allowed. We bless all our faithful children to publicly expel the followers of the Karlovchanians from the parishes of the ROC/MP and of the ROCA. Our clergy and laity are permitted to overthrow the monuments of the fascists stooges von Panwitz, Sultan-Girey, Krasnov, Shkuro, and Vlasov on the territory of the Patriarchate's metochion of All Saints at Sokol and of the parishes of the ROCA. It is blessed to smash other such structures bearing the manes of the heterodox [one word illegible} and godless [one word illegible] of their false Prophet Mohammed, who, headed by Sultan-Girey, fought against our God-given Soviet state.

May the Lord aid you in the God-pleasing labor of eradicating the impious Karlovchanians with their Vlasov-Fascist world-view, headed by their false Metropolitan Lavr.

Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate
Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad