(Letterhead of the Suzdal Diocesan Administration)

No. 10        March 7, 2007

Copy to: Dean of the churches of the Moscow Deanery, the Mitered Archpriest Michael Ardov

T. Senina, A. Soldatov, S. Suvorov, O. Mitrenina

Without the knowledge or blessing of their ruling hierarch, Alexander Soldatov and Sergei Suvorov, both members of ROAC, established the socalled “group initiative” in the name of the “clergy, monastics, and laity,” and began to foment sedition against the decisions of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, collecting signatures in the church of the Holy Martyred Tsar Nicholas in Moscow.

Alexander Soldatov and Sergei Suvorov “laity,” as well as the so-called “monastics” Tatiana Senina and Olga Mitrenina, and (?…) from among the clergy, in their appeal, called upon the Bishops and laity to break from the ROAC and join the “ROAC(L)” (L meaning: Louriye), forgetting that:

1. Rule 73 of the Synod of Carthage states: “A clergyman of whatever rank, condemned (the former hieromonk Gregory Louriye, now Vadim Louriye) our remark, for any crime, by a synod of bishops, may not be defended either in that church where he formerly served, nor by anyone.” Especially since earlier the Synod of Bishops of the ROAC had pronounced its decision: “To take her repentance into consideration. To allow the repentant parishioner T. Senina to receive Holy Communion. In the case that she continues…without further warning, in accordance with the Canons of the Holy Fathers, to excommunicate her from the Church of God altogether.” However, postulant Martha (T. Senina) continues until now her disruptive behavior, notwithstanding numerous warnings;

2. Rule 39 of the Apostolic Canons states: “Let priests and deacons do nothing without the consent of the Bishop.”

3. Rule 18 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council commands: “If, therefore, there be found any Clergymen, or Monastics, to be conspiring or to be engaged in factiousness of any kind, or hatching plots against Bishops or Fellow Clergymen they shall forfeit their own rank altogether.”

4. Rule 55 of the Apostolic Canons: “If any of the clergy insult the bishop, let him be deposed.”

              According to Apostolic Canons 39 and 55, 73 of Carthage, 18 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council:

1. A. Soldatov and S. Suvorov are excommunicated from the Holy Mysteries for a period of five years. They are also to removed from their membership in the Theological Committee for their activity undermining the ROAC.

2. S. Suvorov is to be removed from his duties as church warden in the church of the Holy Martyred Tsar Nicholas in Moscow.

3. T. Senina (postulant Martha) and O. Mitrenina are to be excommunicated from the Holy Mysteries and cast out of the ROAC altogether for their harmful publications against the Synod of Bishops on the internet and in the publication Vertograd.

Ruling Bishop of the Diocese


Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir